Bathtub Creaks When Standing in It- Causes and Fixes

Bathtub Creaks When Standing in It

Bathtubs are one of the best modern bathroom installations. However, bathtubs eventually produce a creaking noise, mainly acrylic bathtubs. Although replacing a bathtub that squeaks and creaks is a good idea, you don’t necessarily need to do so as soon as you hear the noises. The key to repairing a creaky acrylic tub is identifying … Read more

Toilet Making Hissing Sound: Causes and Fixes

Toilet Making Hissing Sound

Is your toilet making hissing sound? I know this can be quite frustrating, especially if you have no plumbing knowledge. Do you wish you had a quiet flush toilet? In most cases, the reason why your toilet is making a hissing sound, whistling sound, or air noise sound could be a sign that the fill … Read more

Top 8 Ways on How to Pee Quietly for Men and Women

Top 8 Ways on How to Pee Quietly for Men and Women_1_1

In this guide, I will be highlight useful tips for both men and women regarding how to pee quietly. Just like in my previous article on how to poop quietly, peeing quietly is just like an art and requires timed skills or else you make your short toilet visit sound like an overflowing water dam … Read more

How to Poop Quietly When You Have Diarrhea

how to poop quietly when you have diarrhea

Dealing with diarrhea is uncomfortable enough on its own, but when you’re facing it in a public or shared restroom, the added challenge of pooping quietly can make the situation even more distressing. The fear of embarrassing noises can be a real concern, but rest assured, you’re not alone, and we’ve got your back. But … Read more

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use: Causes and How to Fix

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use:

Is your toilet making noise when not in use? The sound of a loud toilet can be quite irritating, but most importantly it could signal an underlying problem. Although diagnosing what makes your toilet can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. There are different reasons why your toilet either gurgle or make … Read more

Bathtub Drain Gurgles When Toilet Is Flushed (Fix It Now!)

water is backing up in the drains the tub is making a gurgling sound

Have you ever been in your bathroom, flushed the toilet, and then heard an unexpected gurgling noise coming from your bathtub or sink? The combination of a flushing toilet and a gurgling bathtub might seem innocuous at first glance, but it can hint at underlying issues within the intricate network of plumbing. When the toilet … Read more